Component Design

Success or failure of any product will depend on its individual component designs.

Kemlows have a wealth of casting design experience to call upon to support our customers requirements. The length of service within the casting industry, enjoyed by the Kemlows team, allows them an unequalled knowledge of novel solutions to employ, when needed to solve complex casting issues.

By careful attention to detail it is possible to create tooling and component design that minimises cost, while enhancing manufacturability.

Successful, trouble free supply, is a function of this initial design input. If you send us your design we can advise you, make recommendations, and define the options available that will create a successful product first time, every time.

Our investment in CAD software allows solid 3d model generation of the casting design, allowing full insight to final casting prior to tool manufacture.

  • Component Design
  • Component Design


VAVE techniques are employed within Kemlows to seek out cost reductions. The ongoing demand for better products at lower price does not and will not stop. To help meet this continuous customer objective Kemlows study the cost/benefit equations of various production/design options at the earliest opportunity. Customer designs, are carefully considered before recommendations are put forward to them, that will reduce the cost or improve the casting performance of the finished product.

For example, by the use of modern tooling techniques and by utilising the 'net shape' qualities of pressure diecastings, the final assembly design of the housing below ultimately replaced 47 various components with 3 zinc castings.

  • Value EngineeringInitial design before Kemlows' design and value engineering input
  • Value EngineeringCompleted component.


The casting process will always have a low % of porosity distributed throughout the casting. This is an unavoidable by product of the high-pressure diecasting process. Over many years different shot systems have been developed to minimise this feature of the cold chamber casting process. The most effective additional technology that can be installed on the casting machine that will reduce porosity to its minimum possible level is vacuum extraction.

This equipment draws gasses and air from the die cavity just prior to injection. Kemlows incorporates vacuum casting where the product demands very low porosity levels. The modern shot controls, heater cooler units plus vacuum systems all conspire to ensure casting quality and integrity are controlled within the tightest possible limits on Kemlows customer’s dies.

  • Value EngineeringPorosity Example with Vacuum Extraction
  • Value EngineeringPorosity Example without Vacuum Extraction

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